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Idaho Governor and First Lady

Dear State Employees,

You represent the best of what makes Idaho great – hard work, generosity and commitment. In addition to your service as an employee in state government, your donations to the state charitable giving campaign make a difference throughout our communities every day. The Governor and I know that your commitment also extends to engagement in non-profit and civic organizations where you donate time and expertise to make Idaho a better place to live.

In last year´s Employees´ Charitable Giving Campaign, you stepped up with an impressive fund-raising effort. You donated more than $250,000 to non-profits across our state and beyond. This year´s campaign asks you to once again “Be The One” who helps make a difference in your community – One Day, One Child, One Community at a time.

From October 1st through 31st you can change the odds for kids and families in our communities. Please join me and your colleagues by participating in this year´s campaign. Remember, your donations can be directed to any charity of your choice. In addition, this year you have the option to donate online through United Way.

The Governor and I thank you for all you do to help improve the lives of Idahoans. With your help, we can build change that will last far into the future. Together all of us can make a difference.

Lori Otter
First Lady of Idaho


Why should I participate in the Idaho State Employees´ Charitable Giving Campaign?

You can be the one to change someone´s life for the better.
  • You choose the amount to give and decide which organization(s) to support.
  • You choose how to give. Options include payroll deduction, check, cash, credit card, or through agency fundraising events.

Why shouldn´t I give directly to my charity of choice?

  • Simply put, efficiency. Payroll deduction pledges allow charities to forecast income for the entire year. United Way makes pledge information available to agencies at the conclusion of the state´s annual campaign. Bundling multiple contributions into a single payment to the various charities reduces the amount of time and money the charities would otherwise spend processing individual donations.