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You can choose to change someone´s life for the better.

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Dear Colleagues,

Idaho state employees provide a tremendous service to their constituents throughout the state. Your service, however, goes well beyond your job descriptions. You also donate thousands of hours of volunteer time and thousands of dollars to worthy causes. This extra effort makes a difference. Idaho has many people and organizations that depend on volunteer activity and private charity. These donations play a huge role in improving the lives of people and the communities in which they live. Most of the money upon which these charitable activities depend on comes from private donations.

Last year, state employees donated $253,927 through the Idaho Employees Charitable Giving Campaign. We need your help again. The campaign this year starts now and will run until November 14th. This is a compressed time frame, but I am confident we can once again meet the needs of the organizations, families and individuals who so desperately depend on our generosity.

Please join me and your fellow employees in making a critical difference in the lives of people throughout Idaho. Please remember that you may donate to any charity of your choice.


United We Care Idaho State Employees' Charitable Giving Campaign
Mike Rush, Executive Director
Idaho State Board of Education

United We Care Idaho State Employees' Charitable Giving Campaign


Idaho Governor C.L. 'Butch' Otter

As Idahoans, we have the great fortune of living in a beautiful state filled with vibrant communities. As public servants, we spend our days serving our fellow citizens to the best of our abilities. I am particularly proud that our State employees´ share in common the commitment to making an impact by giving to the annual charitable giving campaign.

I have seen firsthand how our efforts help change the lives of our fellow Idahoans. From the smiles of children prepared to enter pre-K programs, to women who now are safe and independent but once lived in shelters to escape domestic violence, we see how charitable giving can make a difference in the life of a an individual, or a family.

As the 2014 campaign kicks off, I personally invite you to join me in supporting the United Way and the many worthy organizations in need of our help. Fill out your pledge card today, and join me in helping those in need.

Investing in meaningful organizations plants the seed from which our society will grow stronger, and your generosity benefits us all. Thank you for caring about the future of our great State of Idaho.

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Why should I participate in the Idaho State Employees´ Charitable Giving Campaign?

  • You can choose to change someone´s life for the better.
  • You choose the amount and decide which organization(s) to support.
  • You choose how to give. Unlike a lump sum payment, the payroll deduction option spreads contributions over time, which is generally easier on most budgets.
  • You can choose to change someone’s life for the better.

Why shouldn’t I give directly to my charity and reduce administrative costs?

  • Simply put, efficiency. Payroll deduction pledges allow charities to forecast income for the entire year. United Way makes pledge information available to agencies at the conclusion of the state’s annual campaign. Bundling multiple contributions into a single payment to the various charities reduces the amount of time and money the charities would otherwise spend processing individual donations.